5.00 EUR

Make a Small donation to our servers and as a token of our appreciation you'll be promoted to VIP.

You'll be granted the same VIP rank across ALL our servers!

The Rust Jungle X3                              

This kit lasts for 30 days from the time of purchase and contains the following:



This resource kit is delivered in 2 halves per wipe, meaning you claim half of this kit , 2 times, to claim the full kit.

Gear Set

Redeemable every 24 hours.


Quality of life Improvements also included:

Tag : Captain
3 Set Home Teleport Locations

5 second Teleport countdown
BGrade 1-4
/sil - Sign Artist
/Colour - change the colour of your ingame name
/Skinbox - Skin items to use all the latest skins

/Tag - hide your VIP rank status in game chat
/mymini - Spawn a personal minicopter
7 rows of backpack storage

Access to exclusive discord area

On Completion of your purchase you will have access to this kit in game by using the in game chat command /kit

Have fun and remember to build and raid responsibly!

Make sure you are somewhere safe in game before you claim this kit.

If you die in game and your kit is lost , it cannot be replaced.

When you have purchased this rank, it will be activated within 5 mins of your purchase.
This kit will NOT automatically renew after 30 days.
Please Note: We reserve the right to change this product at any time without notice